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Multilayer flex, rigid, rigid-flex pcb and shematic design, hardware design, software development 


what we do?


Power Electronics

Solar Inverter&MPPT

Bidirectional EV Charger *

Dynamic Battery Management (Patented)

* Looking for investment partners

Multilayer Pcb Tasarımı

Analog and mixed Simulation with spice modelling,

Schmatics and PCB design in Altium, taking consideration EMC/EMI issues

Internet of Things

Cloud connected & IoT enabled TI DSPs Increasing connectivity of TI F28x

DSC through Wifi and USB

TI Dsp

Multicore TI DSPs, High Frequency digital Control of Power electronics Circuits

Delfino ( F28388)

Spectral Analysis

UV, VIS, IR range,

Medical chemical sectors,Health, Immuno Spectral Analysis

Food, Material, Body Fluids Analysis

Xenon spectrum

* Looking for investment partners

Prototype and Mass Production

Electronic product development process suitable for mass production regarding temperature and production tolerances. 15 years 

Why we are dIfferent?

* 15 years experience in design and production

* several design in industrial, consumer, military and health field

* several thousand devices running in field

* experienced in mass production issues

* rugged design

* EMC and EMI compatible design

* several patents related to designs

* academic and theoratical background


Analog and mixed Simulations before design

Aging and automized tests at heavy temperature and/or EMI conditions

Experienced at high voltage (>10kV), stress on transformer, PCB or other devices

Uniq designs for high voltage pulse transformers

High voltage pulse transformer design for mass production, Plastiq molding, wire separation, chemical aging or interactions on high voltage

Galvonic isolated signal processing in high voltage pulse generators.


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